Schools X Country



We are going with Saturday 5th December for this event

Keep this date free and we will update when we know more


Power Adventures is proud to be bringing racing to the Schools and the history of Power Adventures running off road events including the popular 2 Man X C Sedries, the Grand National X Country Serioes and the annual 6 Hr X Country at National level, give them credibility to run this Schools XC race.

 Sport Waikato Sanction Power Adventures eventsas approving time off on Friday for the Race. Power Adventures is an aproved and audited events company approved by Worksafe NZ. Safety is paramount.

The race is taylored to the Schools Format with a very safe and ridable course of around 20 minutes per lap which means for the 90 minute race, fast rider will be completing 5 laps and average riders with the average being 4 laps.

Unique to Power Adventures, we use Rushworth computer timing sending the riders off at around 6 at a time with 30 - 40 second intervals. This allowes for riders to spread out around the course eliminating that first corner controntation and usually a big mess. Because it is computer times, each rider gets their full 90 minutes riding no matter where they start so riders are racing agains time and those of their starting grid.  So every rider gets the same opportunity to win overall no matter where on the track they finish.  This will be fully explained at briefing.

Trophies to 3rd (possibly more depending on entries) will be awarded at the track.


ENTER ON THE DAY   $60.00 per rider


Race Starts at 11:00 AM Sharp


  • Classes same as last year



  • Information:  


  • 1.       Power Adventures Ltd is an authorised Adventure Activities company registered with Work Safe NZ and Audited to run Motorcycle events.

  • 2.     An MNZ Licence is not required for this event an authority comes under Power Adventures Ltd.

  • 3.     Qualified First Aid will be in attendance.

  • 4.     For the safety of the Students, Parents are asked to help with Marshalling.

  • 5.     Competent Parents can become roving marshals on motorcycles and but must complete a short induction course onsite before racing. 

  • 6.     Trophies to 3rd place in each Class and 5th Place in the Schools Teams Competition.  Best three places overall for each school counts for Schools Team Trophies.

  • 7.     Free Camping Available onsite. BBQ available Free. Bring own gear.

  • 8.     We are trying to secure a Coffee cart and will let you know.

  • 9.     The duration of the race will be 1.5 Hours over an approximately 20 minute lap on easy flowing open tracks and in twisty young pines on flat ground.

    10 The ground is clay based so if wet, the course may be modified to

    accommodate the conditions.