Refund Policy

Power Adventures refund policy is this:


For prepaid events such as Honda Kids Campouts, Red Horse Safaris and other events that are prepaid:


All refunds exclude extra add-ons such as:  T Shirts, Accommodation we cannot cancel, Meals we cannot cancel.  


If we can on-sell T Shirts, Accommodation and meals we will endeavour to do so and refund in full these items should we be successful.


Refunds for event entry fees for those who pull out of the event:


Eight Weeks before the stated start of the event     -     Full   Refund

Four Weeks before the stated start of the event      -     90%  Refund

Two Weeks before the stated start of the event       -     75%  Refund

One Week before the stated start of the event         -     50%  Refund

After the stated Start of the event                              -     No Refund


Please contact us as soon as you can so we can make it as easy as possible for you.



The reason we need a refund policy is that we have to book toilets, showers, meals and accommodation based upon the numbers attending.   If people do not turn up which results in reduced numbers and less revenue to cover these costs.  We cannot get a refund from suppliers to compensate the loss so we must have this policy.